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He begs to serve a strict Mistress

I am a strict Mistress

Listen to me read you this blog post about being a strict Mistress.

Do not let my sensual voice lull you into thinking that I shy away from intense power exchange and BDsm play.  I urge all potential slaves to think very carefully when you beg to serve a . . . → Read More: He begs to serve a strict Mistress

Power exchange and humiliation by Mistress

Many ways to experience power exchange

Listen to me talk to you about power dynamics in a D/s relationship.

In any relationship between Dominant and submissive, there are all sorts of ways for you to experience power exchange.  I use my personal Mistress style to help you test out things to find out what . . . → Read More: Power exchange and humiliation by Mistress

Do clothes make the Femdom and real TPE

BDsm and Femdom stereotypes

Listen to me tell you about being a real Femdom in my private life.

If you think BDsm and Femdom are all about a fierce woman in leather and latex, think again.

Oh, that attire CAN be part of a Mistress wardrobe, but the power of the Experienced Mistress Olivia . . . → Read More: Do clothes make the Femdom and real TPE

slave to Mistress

Who is a slave to Mistress?

Listen to Mistress read you this blog post.

You’re probably familiar with the term foot slave and chastity slave is a common category.  But let’s talk about the nuances.  This is a hot button in kinky BDsm culture.  Some vanilla people don’t like the term slave … but just . . . → Read More: slave to Mistress

What is power exchange?

The Experienced Mistress shares My experience with power exchange as used in BD/sm play and on domination phone sex calls. . . . → Read More: What is power exchange?