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Mistress knows your cock better than you do

cock control adult podcast The Weekly Hot spot adult podcast 1-800-601-7259Want to see who knows more about a cock?

Listen to me read you this cock loving blog post.

Who do you think would win that question — you, owner of said body part or a Femdom Mistress?  ~laughs~

We do hope you understand your limitations and … ahem …. enjoy our guidance and skill with this very fun play toy!  You can listen to conversations about this and so much more on our adult podcast, The Weekly Hot Spot, at 1 pm eastern on Monday’s.  It’s all on Cock Radio on Spreaker.

In this edition of The Weekly Hot Spot each Mistress talks about really getting to know a penis or two or three or MORE!  It’s all about cock control, cock training, penis envy and more.

It’s COCK-tober

Ms Delia also calls this month, LOCK-tober in honor of all her stroke pets who are on a chastity protocol for this month. She’s right when she says this month is even better than Masturbation May!

I get in a mood when talking about a really BIG penis and this distracts both of us as we talk about what we love about girth and length and mmmmmmm.  We’ll mention why penis size does matter and one comment about the length might surprise you!

Thanks to all of you for following our adult podcast.  We look forward to your comments here on the blog and your emails to either of us:

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As always — stay sexy and STAY HOT

Finding out you’re a sissy

Are you a sissy?

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Ways to follow this Mistress

Lots of free sexy from Mistress

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Busy Ms Olivia? How to schedule a phone sex callback

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Listen to me tell you about the phone sex callback feature.

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Lover of hot wife likes to humiliate you

Does your wife’s lover like to humiliate you?

Listen to me humiliate you with my silky voice reading you this blog post.

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