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Several months ago, Tumblr announced that it was “hiding” all sorts of explicit content and even shutting down different Tumblr accounts. Like many people I was upset, frustrated and, dare I say it, heartbroken that something was ending that I spent a LOT of time on and in.  I LOVE the erotic photos via Phone Sex Mistress Olivia on Tumblr.

I didn’t and don’t post super explicit

I like the erotic tease.  There are so many sites that have crotch shot after crotch shot.  And hey, I like that sometimes too but ahhhh the tease is delicious!  The Mistress tease engages the mind in such a wicked way.  It’s the warmup to our erotic play.  If you like smart, sexy phone sex then we’ll be a good fit.  I think of the beautiful sexy photos on Tumblr as smart AND sexy.

How I use my Tumblr feed

You’ll see that I post groups of photos of a certain theme.  Think of these groups as parts of a story or a song — and really this is a visual story — so, if you’ve given up Tumblr, get with me about how to come back!  I will answer private messages on tumblr, but remember what I say about the Science of Attention – email is always the best and fastest way to chat with me out of session.

If you want more intense and explicit

Then let’s pop on a call and you can tell me what you’re looking for.  I bet I can help you find it as long as it’s within our TOS. Remember, a session is the way you get my undivided and personal attention.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia