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giantess fantasy

 Phone sex is perfect for experiencing sexual situations that can’t happen in real life.  Sure, the situation is a fantasy …. but, what you FEEL is totally real.  I know that might sound like a contradiction in terms, but I know it to be the case.  For example, take the Giantess fantasy.  While I wish I had a ray gun to shrink someone or had a tiny man to …. ahem … play with … we both know this IS a fantasy.  But I love all the types of Giantess fantasy sessions!

Here’s a wonderful example of how to combine erotic story telling and a Giantess fantasy.  Ohhhhh, the wicked therapist really IS wicked, isn’t she?  ~grinz~

Wicked Therapist

An accident has shrunk me to 8″tall. I tell my girlfriend that I want to see a therapist and she sets up an appointment with you. During our session I tell you that my girlfriend has been using me as a dildo. Despite your professional manner, you seem unusually inquisitive about this and you are clearly amused. When I question your amusement you confess that you are actually a close friend of my girlfriend.

You explain that my “therapy” will consist in teaching me to be the perfect human dildo for my girlfriend AND for you as well. I protest but you merely laugh wickedly, and as you uncross your legs I see that you are wearing crotchless panties. You pleasure yourself with me, and after having an orgasm, you pull me out covered in cum. You’re amazed at how wonderful it felt and, as you laugh, you tell me that I had best accept my new life as a personal dildo.

Ohhhhhhhh, what do you think about this?  ~grinz~  It’s hot even if you don’t want to be a tiny man!

Ms Olivia