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It’s now fall and I love the colder weather because, I confess, I have a boot fetish.

I’m the Experienced Mistress so, of course, I have all sorts of boots as part of My fetish attire.  But, My collection goes beyond mere utilitarian high heeled boots.  I’m a connoisseur!  And, the love of sexy boots are a perfect conversation starter for any phone sex call.

For those of you who share My love sexy boots on those lovely feminine feet …. take a listen to this BOOTS AUDIO.

From MY perspective, there’s something about slipping on a great pair of thigh high boots that turns Me into Domme Mistress in a very wicked way.  That ziiiiippp sound that the long zipper on a boot is a trigger for Me.  I can continue up with My fingers….past the boot, past the top of My thigh high lace stockings and hit….yes, the smooth, soft skin above the leather.  OH!

What kind of boots do you like?  And, WHY do you find them so arousing?

Is it the look and smell of that buttery soft Italian calf skin leather?  Is is the sound, the crinkle and the sqeeeeek, of Latex boots?  Is it that you can SEE yourself reflected in the luscious material that has My feet and legs enclosed and hidden from you? The material makes a difference in how I tease you!

Leg and foot movements inside of a sexy pair of boots

One of the appealing things about boots is that they certainly draw attention to My long legs.  And, what man doesn’t want to worship sexy legs?  Even when you’re not solidly into a boot fetish, when a woman walks by wearing boots, don’t you go….hmmmmmmmmmm.

I like to tease men when I’m wearing boots by crossing and uncrossing My legs.  While this works well with ankle boots and thigh highs, My favorite for the leg crossing tease is My black leather knee high boots with the ultra high stiletto heel.  There’s something about that move that rivets a man’s attention on My legs, My feet and, of course, on My boots.  Once I have his attention, it’s a very simple matter to make him submit to My sexual desires.

If you have a foot fetish, then you’re already panting to get at My boots and unzip that zipper so you can worship My feet. *wiggles toes*

How I tease your cock and create your orgasm edging again and again and again is an art form.  It is as varied as the boot styles available today.  Any details of what I do, will be up to you.  I can talk about generalities here but once I get to know you on the phone, your session is tailored exactly to your unique desires and sexual fantasies.

I’d like to hear from you:  What catches YOUR attention when you see a woman in a great pair of boots?

Ms Olivia