Are you a sissy looking for guidance and support? I know everyone wins when a Mistress takes on your sissy training. There are several areas where feminization can be tricky or lonely on your own. First, it’s the basics of dressing en femme and looking your best. Then, what will happen once you’re looking hot? Finally, I’ll tell you why every submissive girl needs a Dominant woman in her life. Here are some resources to navigate your feminization experience.

Sissy training to look your best

Sissy training by Experienced Mistress OliviaEach sissy is different. I like helping you discover or refine your feminine look. There are all kinds of practical feminization tips on the kink podcast I do with Mistress Erika. It’s called The Weekly Hot Spot. I think you should start with these episodes:

Sissy has questions about nails, makeup and Femdom feminization advice.

Do you need breastforms? All about boobs for a sissy, crossdresser or transwoman. 

Remember, if you’re worried about looking your best, you’re not alone, as you can hear in this episode that is in response to a sissy worried about her femme style. Mistress Fiona is the guest on that episode as we talk about self-image, gender, and societal expectations. While every Mistress will give advice about things like spring makeup tips for sissies, we do want you to be gentle with yourself and who you see in the mirror.

Looking good and feeling great—what’s next for a sissy?

When I meet a new sissy, I’ll ask about sex. Erotic pleasure is a huge part of life, and I want us all to be happy and fulfilled. What happens once you’re all dressed in your sexy best? Let’s talk about sex!

Should all sissies learn to masturbate like a woman?

Does sissy need to suck cock?I don’t require all my submissive playmates to suck cock. That’s a common worry for girly gurls who ask: Mistress, am I still a sissy if I don’t want to suck cock?  The short answer is yes, you are still a sissy.

It is true, though, that many feminized males love to be told to suck cock or serve men as part of their sissy training. What I do with you depends on many things.

Remember, even though you are submissive, you still have a say in what goes on in your sissy training. (At least at the beginning of our BDSM journey, as we get to know one another and develop our connection.) If you’re unsure of your cock-sucking desires, take this sissy test and report your results.

Mistress takes control of your sissy training

I believe that every submissive needs a Dominant. You need to be controlled, and I like to control subs. It’s a symbiotic relationship where we both need one another to be fulfilled.

There are some submissives who can float around for (what those of us in the fetish scene call) pick up play. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I think there’s something special that happens when your Mistress really gets to know you, your life, and your circumstances.

Remember, your feminization takes place within your life. That is a life that includes all sorts of other activities and responsibilities. You probably need help keeping your femme life separate but still accessible. Don’t worry. There are ways to get that balance between all aspects of your life. Mistress can guide, support, and encourage you. There is more to sissy training than the porn types of depictions of the Mean Mistress ordering sissy to do stuff (although that can be very fun!).

Now, I have some questions for you.

  • What fashion or style questions do you have?
  • How do you express your sexuality when you are en femme?
  • What role has a Femdom or Dominant Woman played in your feminization journey?

Leave a comment here, or simply give me a call. I can’t wait to get to know you even better.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia