Welcome to The Escape Room challenge. Come into my kinky Dungeon Room for fun and games.

Solve the puzzle and I will fan the flames as your desire combines with my wicked ways. You need to stay on the Halloween blog train for all the days.

Ms Cassidy set The Kinky Escape Room rules. My favorite is: bring in nothing, everything is here. You’ll see what I mean when you get to the first clue.

Ms Brighton took us to the Stepford neighborhood and the Sissy Trap room – what was your fate? We want to know – her story is great!

Enter the Dungeon Room

Take a good look around. What do you see? Ask yourself “What will she use on me?

Lights all around illuminate each kink – don’t get distracted, you need to think. Would I be this obvious? No, not I. Things will never be easy as pie. That’s your first clue. Carry me in, what do you do?

If you said something along the lines of put the pie in a box or find the box then congratulations, you are off to a great start! Look to the right of the St. Andrews cross and you will see an ornate box that belongs to me. This note is tied to the handle. Find the items around the room. Remember, everything has a BDsm theme and purpose.

Inside the box I will need my toys

Gather them all and we will play
First up, will you cum today?
What am I?

Click on this tease and denial audio for more clues.

Did you assume I meant a chastity cage?

If you did, you’re not alone, that’s the most common answer, but …
If you know me, you know I like to gauge
What I like and do deserve
With all your kinks, you naughty perv.

The next clue is tied to the blindfold

All our play is like a dance,
Designed to put you in a trance
Speak not, only moans will do.
That is your one and only clue.

Did you collect the next BDsm item?

If you did, put the toys on the balance beam scale.  Each toy will get you closer to the correct balance that will reveal the key that allows you to leave The Escape Room.

Remember, you must find the key and escape in the allotted amount of time or …. hmmmmm, you stay trapped in this fetish dungeon with no Mistress and only the toys you found. Awww. That won’t be any fun so you need to get to work again.

My Mistress colors are red and black
I like to give a mighty whack
As you work to earn the chance
To worship in our kinky dance
What am I?

Challenge round for kink players

That clue was easy so of course you pass.
Now’s the time for a little sass.
I love this song and you can’t go wrong
Ask a question like this, it’s really the best
Never you mind about all the rest.

Name that tune

Here’s a clue to make it fun
Read or listen to the pegging podcast then you’re done.

You found the clues – now write them down.
Post your list in comments to find renown.
If you’re shy and some of you are
Send an email with your list so far.

Solve all the rooms and have some fun.

If you succeed, what do you get?
Why, you earn the chance to be my pet.

Up next, Ms Harper, she is your guide.
It might be scary but don’t run and hide.
This is a time for fun and games.
As we fan the fire of kinky flames.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia