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Gifts, Tips, and Tributes

Several delightful people have asked how they can show their appreciation with gifts.

WOW and THANK YOU ! I certainly do not *expect* gifts …  All virtual bouquets are just that, unexpected and MUCH appreciated!

There are a couple of ways for you to say thank you for calls.

The fastest and easiest for you is to simply tell the Dispatcher when you call that you’d like to leave something extra (a Virtual Bouquet) for Olivia.  The Dispatcher will tell me right before we’re connected.  This is charged to your credit card as part of your erotic call with Me.  Again, thank you.

I love Amazon Gift Cards because they are super flexible and such a delight when I get the email — so and so sent you a gift card!

Thank you to everyone who has sent gifts via my Amazon Wish List.  LDW Group is no longer accepting packages but I appreciate every single physical gift I have received from so many of you.  Now we get to go virtual (which is hot in it’s own way).

Thank you again!