2 sexy women

Listen to my voice in this tease and denial audio.

I’m Olivia and my friend, Delia and I had a great time on vacation.

We are both Femdoms in our private lives — my, you can find out more about us in the ABOUT pages on our blogs.  My blog is Experienced Mistress and Ms. Delia’s blog is Beg for Mistress.

But, we also have “regular lives” and sometimes the Mistress world and our other life … mmmmm …. connect and intersect.  Like on our vacation.  We are on the beach, sunning our sexy bodies, and … talking … about someone new to our regular life …. the new guy in the neighborhood.

the possible stroke pet

We plot, we plan and then we DO.  Today, I invite him over.

I mean, that’s just the nice thing to do, isn’t it?  Sort of a welcome wagon type of thing.

Ms. Delia comes over and ohhhhh dressed in that outfit, she and I are both saying, we’re going to be the BEST NEIGHBORS ever.

He has no idea what KIND of neighbors we’ll be … but it’s obvious that we’re 2 sexy women who aren’t afraid to flirt with each other and with him…

He’s seated on the couch, Delia and I are both on either side of him.  I slip off my shoes and ACCIDENTALLY slide my pretty feet over ….

cock teasing leads to his confession

He’s telling us ALL SORTS of things …. things we can USE, not really against him, but ways to make sure he does what we want him to do.

We find out that he’s in a relationship but ….

well, it seems like he’s mmmmmmm frustrated.

I glance at Delia and smile …. he’s going to get a LOT more frustrated as we … ahem …. begin to HANDLE him.

Are you ready to be … handled?

Dial 1-800-601-7259, ask for Olivia, Delia … or BOTH!