Misconceptions about anal sex

Listen to my voice talk all about anal.

If you look at porn you can find tons of anal play.  I’m a fan of anal.  If you’re new to anal you might wonder if anal play is for you.  If you’ve already had a bad experience with anal you might be scared.  Here are three myths about anal play to help you sort out your desires down under.

Anal myth #1:  Anal sex will hurt

Despite the gaping holes in the porn videos, butt love is meant to go slow at first.  If anal sex hurts, it is because you’re doing it wrong.  Doing it wrong is easy to do if you get your sex education from porn.  The anus is the external group of muscles.  Just inside there are TWO rings of muscles called the internal sphincter and the external sphincter. They rest parallel to the anal canal.  You can consciously relax the external sphincter but the internal sphincter has a mind of it’s own. The internal sphincter WILL relax if you go slow and give it time to relax.

Anal myth #2:  Anal will always hurt

If you’ve had a bad experience with anal then you will clench your ass and your sphincter muscles.  That’s normal.  It doesn’t always have to be that way.  Use LOTS and lots of lube.  Check out the lube reviews by the Intelligent Femdom Miss Constance.  I like water-based lube for anal play.  You can also use a lube launcher to get a lot up your anal canal.  Go slow.  Allow your body to warm up and then … mmmmm …. enjoy!

Anal myth #3:  Bigger is always better

Again, I blame porn for this myth.  There’s a difference between what you see in porn and reality or phone sex. Having something HUGE in your ass looks visually impressive but the reality is that small works better.  Even if you know you want to go big — start small and then … ahem … build up to larger sizes.

Questions about anal sex?

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