Find sanctuary in your feminine side

I know there’s a lot of pressure in having a male ego, societal responsibilities and all the expectations that go with that. For many people, being a sissy for Mistress is like taking a vacation; you escape all the tension and irritations that come with the male gender.

Living in your femme self (even for a limited time) allows you to take a break, explore, and experience,  in the deepest way, another aspect of yourself. Sissification is Power Exchange and many call it an erotic vacation!  You come back to the other parts of your life feeling centered and relaxed.

The emotional side of being a submissive slut and sissy for Mistress

Whew, talk about relief and release. Having a Mistress feminize and dominate you is a great way to turn your insecurities into erotic desire. You experience your innermost desires; these are secrets that you can’t tell anyone in your other life. If you are also a submissive, then you need that Dominance every now and then or else you lose your center.

Explore all sorts of erotic pleasure

I am bi sexual and polyamorous. I jokingly say I have the best of all possible sexual worlds; I can play with anyone! It’s the same for a sissy — there are so many nuances to explore:

  1. Strap on play with a Dominant woman.
  2. Being Dominated by a hot, sexy man
  3. Sissy specific playtime like dressing, serving, etc.

There’s no way you can do, be and have all these feminine options as a vanilla sex, heterosexual guy. Oh sure, you might go back to that after being en femme but you know in your pretty pink heart that you were born for more!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia