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~wiggles my toes at you~  Summer is prime time for anyone with a foot fetish or leg fetish … don’t you agree?  ~wink~

Want to give me a long, sensual foot massage?

I love my pretty feet!  How do you feel when you see my pretty toes?  There’s something about a man who can really appreciate my sexy feet.  Will you be the one to gently take my bare foot in your hand and begin to slowly massage my arch, rubbing your fingers along the sole of my foot?  Ahhhhh, that’s so good!

THIS is why I get regular pedicures!  I keep my feet lovely just for this moment when I can put my feet in your lap and smile at you, knowing that you will know what to do.

~swoons~ Oh!  My toes!  That’s it, tease my pretty toes with your tongue.  That sensation of your tongue slipping between my toes drives me wild.  When your lips curl around my big toe and you begin to suck on my toe, your teeth gently gliding on my skin, that slippery wetness all over my toes makes my panties very wet!  Look right up my thighs and you can see my sheer panties begin to glisten as I arch my back and begin to squirm.

Oh yes, I have a foot fetish!  I love sexy shoes and stockings because they frame my beautiful feet.  And when my feet are the focus of your … ahem … attention then you will make my toes wiggle as I slide my foot right over on that unmistakable bulge in your pants and start to rub the ball of my foot back and forth.

Ahhhh, let’s get you out of those pants.  I want to feel my bare foot directly on your bare cock, feeling that hardness, the veins swelling, the pre cum oozing all over my toes.  ~smiles~

What will happen next?  Let’s find out together!

Ms Olivia