Words and language.  Masculine energy/feminine energy.  Breath.  The whisper of the most intimate.  Erotic conversation with me can be so much more then what you may think of as phone sex, and the various implications of cock control for men, crossdressers and sissies alike.  This experienced Mistress so enjoys our masturbation sessions in all their glory.

It “can” be as simple as all that …. Or, it can go beyond into uncharted territory.  When we’re both on the same page, dancing in unison to some primal musical score … what becomes available is an intimacy that unfolds … it is tangible … very real although the nature of a phone sex call itself is in the realm of so-called fantasy.  For me, that sensual dance is much like what I appreciate about music.  To me, music can be both, ethereal and real.

Music triggers everything in me …All that I am comes to attention while the music swirls around, outside/inside, passion and possibility.  Whim and whimsy.   Hope and yearning.  Telling stories that touch me … Touching me in the place beyond words …. And, if you’ve called me, you know I love the intricacies available with language…so, to go beyond that place is …well, I have no words, which alone says a lot.

Sometimes a caller and I connect …. In the language of words, breath, and the delicious intimacy of like-minded curious personalities.  In those moments, your call and you begin to live as music in my very being …. Acoustic … soaring….funky Motown, tantric techno, swinginess of swing, complexity of the classics, music through the ages, luscious stories from musicals … beyond and yet encompassing all the different “types” of music …. Access to ALL, faith from beauty and truth … tone and rhythm pulsing, urgent and intense.  Your calls become music ….

And, in this New Year … I want you to know that I appreciate you in words I can’t even begin to say … it is from the place where we dance beyond words.