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I found this photo recently and it got Me thinking.

I love beautiful, muscular men.  I see a lot of them, especially at the gym.  One of the gyms that I belong to is a hardcore body building gym and I have to tell you that the VIEW there is wonderful!  ~laughs~  Given that I’m such a hot wife, I know I can DO what I want!  That’s the way it should be! 🙂

Hard bodies and hard cocks

At the gym there is a underlying sexual tension.  It’s often possible for a woman to actually have an orgasm doing certain exercises.  Did you know that?  For a woman, the physical activity of a workout of our core muscles is often sexually arousing.  If you’ve ever done something called hanging leg lifts this is an amazing experience for a woman.   I can’t really describe the chair thingy so if you don’t know what I’m talking about just google it so you can see what I’m saying.  Maybe it’s the core work, maybe it’s My thighs pressing together….whatever it is, I LIKE IT!

I appreciate beautiful, muscular men

Like you, I’m visual and I love looking at a hard body.  There’s one man at the body building gym that gets My juices flowing even without the hanging leg lifts!  So guess what?  He’s going to be My BULL and you will end up as My cuckold!  Are you ready for the changes in our relationship?  *wink*  Why does a wife make a cuckold?  Let’s talk about all the reasons!

Are you a cuckold?

Ms Olivia