Erotic conversation, the intimate exchanges over something as mundane as what’s billed as a phone sex line, can lead to unusual relationships. I am open to exploring beyond the usual roles of caller and Mistress. All I ask of you is that you want to give Me. However that looks in each particular relationship. That can be a little or a lot.

Some callers have a particular fantasy that they want to experience in erotic roleplay and I excel at making your fantasy ‘real’ to you. Some callers have “secret” fantasies that they would never share or even want to experience in real life. I have callers that enjoy forced-bi and cuckold fantasies but those stories remain erotic fantasies filled with sexual charge but contained in the boundaries of a phone call to an Experienced Mistress.

Some callers are looking for a fantasy or relationship that evolves. As the evolution of our relationship happens, it can get to a point of, where do we go from here? When the relationship is based in the erotic fantasy, the answer is…anywhere we want to go. When that relationship includes conversations that involve real life topics for you or me, then it can get tricky. When individuals are dating there comes to a point where they need to ‘take the relationship to the next level’ … I’ve seen that happen here with certain callers so I want to take a moment to say something about that.

I don’t have many requirements or limits within the context of the phone call ….I am open to fantasy and sexual exploration. I have a curious mind and enjoy delving into the shadow side of your (and my own) kinky side. I have a great deal of respect for people who embrace their own sexuality however the actual expression might look to the vanilla world.

That said, the one thing that I do insist on is that you respect My boundaries. I don’t meet callers in real life. I don’t want to talk with your wife or girlfriend without HER consent. I also don’t involve others in what is a non-consensual call on their part. I have had people who try to push those limits. My boundaries don’t move and those who push me move on, or are gently (or not so gently) edged away. I’m not saying no, but meaning yes. No actually means no.

The ones who understand the limits of our relationship and don’t try to push my boundaries are generally delighted with the opportunity to open up into what can become a real and delicious intimacy, protected by the boundaries. You can tell Me things that perhaps you can’t tell others in your life. When I feel safe with you, I can be a safe harbor for you as well. I don’t feel safe with a caller who continues to push my boundaries. These boundaries are best for us both because we can explore as much intimacy as we like knowing that it won’t blow up either of our lives….or the lives of people involved with either of us.

For example, the curious sir who “reads too many blogs” (LOL), gives me a safe harbor to explore and experience myself along with your inquiry into who you know yourself to be. What an amazing cocoon-experience. THANK YOU so much for your consideration and respect. I treasure you.

All I ask of you — all of you — is everything you yearn to give honoring the appropriate boundaries of this environment. Delicious? Yes. Dangerous? No. This mutual acknowledgement and your respect for Me makes it best for all involved.


$2.50/min., 10 min. minimum, billed to your credit card.