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Culture, female power and submission

We live in a culture where the whole notion of female power is often tricky to navigate.  There’s a fine line between a powerful woman and a bitch.  I have said that Mistress does NOT mean bitch (unless you like the style of a bitchy type of Mistress ~grinz~).  It takes talent and a fair amount of self-knowledge to know how to negotiate these sorts of dynamics.  I think this is the sort of Wisdom that comes with age for those of us who are inclined to self-reflection.

Male submission

I think the same thing happens with male submissives.  I’ve talked with a lot of male subs and most say they have known about the submissive part for years.  There is a core part that yearns to submit to a powerful Woman who has control.  I know, for example, that I love to be a Femdom Mistress.  What do guys that have submissive leaning so?  They try to navigate that yearning so it fits with the rest of their lives.

Alpha males and sexual submission

Quite often those of you who are alpha males in other parts of your life still yearn to submit to a Femdom.  I’ve heard some of you describe this as a sort of vacation where you don’t have to be the one in charge.  In this case, the alpha male gives up his power and turns over control to the Experienced Mistress.  Are you ready to be a male submissive?  If you become excited at the thought of being feminized, then check out My new blog for the girly girls, Crossdressers Phone Sex and ENJOY!

Beta males and cuckold relationships

When a male sub gives up his power, then things can get very interesting!  Cuckolding is one expression of this and like most kinky things, there’s a range of behaviors and motivations.  Do you yearn to give up your power to the Woman in Charge and also HER alpha male, commonly known as the Bull in cuckold play?

What are YOUR thoughts?

Are you an alpha male in some parts of your life?  What do you like to do when you give up control or power?  Tell Me!

Ms Olivia