Did you always suspect you were meant to be a sissy?

Listen to me read you this blog post about being a sissy.

Sometimes you suspect what you are and perhaps need feminization from a Mistress to get you there.  Other times you turn to a Mistress like a coach.  You KNOW you need to be sissified and you know a Mistress can help you.  There are so many ways that you end up where you were always meant to be.

Turned sissy

Sometimes a Mistress can spot your inner femme and make the decision for you. I love comments about blogs and tease audios.  Here’s what one phone sex friend has to say:


“Similar to the male you describe in your audios, I’m a dainty male with a girlie-boy body-type. When I was younger, I was waiting for when I would grow up to be a man, but that never happened. But I guess my dainty body works out well, given my dainty girlie-boy feelings. Some boys grow up to be men, whereas other boys grow up to make love with those men. Teehee!”

A cute sissy body and a dedicated cock sucker

THIS is a full on sissy!  By that I mean, the ultra femme clothes and the lipstick covered lips that can suck chrome off a bumper! ~laughs~ Okay, I do know there are many different ways for each femme girlie boy to express his or her gender or fetish … I just had to use the chrome off a bumper line because it always makes me laugh.

Ready for sissy play?

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Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia