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I woke up to an email from Amazon saying they deleted my Wish List for “inappropriate purposes or inappropriate content.”  If you’ve been on the wish list then you know that there isn’t even a sex toy on it!  ~laughs~  It’s a mix of baseball, business books, music, movies, etc.

Why Amazon Deletes the Wish List

Who knows why?  Maybe they don’t like sex!  ~laughs

What next?

I have a page on this blog that says WISH LIST.  There is an address to send things to.  I’ll post books, music and other items there but you won’t see the setup like on Amazon.  Sorry about this but that’s the way things are.

Virtual Bouquet

I know some of you simply add your virtual bouquet to your call and that comes right to me.  This might be your best bet.  Thank you to all of you who do this!  I can’t tell you what a lovely surprise it is when the Dispatcher tells me I have a gift with the call!

I’m Bummed

Dayum, I’m bummed.  I liked your reaction to the quirky mix of real things on my Wish List.  I’ve had people call simply because they saw a book or something on the list that made them go “Huh, now this is an interesting woman.”

Oh well.  If you’re looking for something for my birthday or have already gotten it I can’t tell from the Wish List so please send me an email letting me know it’s on the way to make sure it gets to me.  I have LOVED the surprise packages that come my way so thank you to you and you and you and you and you!  ~smiles~

Ms Olivia