Ahhh…the Holidays.  It’s a time of EXCESS isn’t it? Excess food most recently …. yesterday … for Thanksgiving. …. And, tell the truth now … it’s not “just” an excess of “stuff” around the Holidays … there’s also, frankly, and excess of friggin family … I mean, bless them, but SHEESH …

ENOUGH!  ….. enough of that sappy-dappy luv ya stuff…. My capacity for Hallmark Moments is used up and jeeze it’s just the beginning of the SAP SEASON *rolling eyes* …. so, let’s get a little CBT going to sort of lighten the mood and *change* the energy….not just your energy but MINE as well!

I normally enjoy the art and artistry of CBT more than the mere *pain* itself but right now, if you’re looking to have your balls stomped, catch Me during the holidays and I’ll more than likely give you some *whacking* you won’t forget.

And if I set your *gasps* and *moans* to music….it would have to be to the Masochism Tango by Tom Lehrer …. Tom Lehrer is one of my FAVORITE artists of all time …. actually, I have an inkling that he might like being included in a Phone Sex blog.  I’m so sorry I couldn’t figure out how to insert the whole video.  I’m on a technical learning curve.

Like everything about phone sex it is all about the connection between two people …. namely, ME as the phone sex operator, and you as the caller.  Connection happens with communication … so, when I ask you about what you like, please don’t be shy … or at least tell Me you’re shy and then answer My questions …  for example, the more I know about YOUR love of CrossDressing … the more amazing YOUR phone sex fantasy session will be.

So … let’s talk …. let’s explore …. Olivia    1-800-356-6169.