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If I ask you a series of questions, how would you answer?  Let’s begin.  If you are into body worship, is there one particular part of my luscious body that you yearn to experience?  Are you, perhaps, a LEG MAN?  We both know there are so many things to do with a great pair of sexy legs.

Whisper of nylons on great legs

Are you ready for legs, legs and more legs?  You need to check out my tumblr:  phone sex mistress Olivia.  If you’re not on tumblr you can always go to the link and scroll through my tumblr feed.  It’s super easy to sign up for tumblr.  If you sign up you can follow me and you can follow other tumblr feeds that you like.  Some of my favorite tumblr feeds are about sexy nylons, stockings and yes, legs!  I love that whisper of silky softness on my skin.

What one nylon lover has to say

I don’t know when it really started. As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a legman.  From the earliest days, I always loved to look at a woman’s legs, especially if she was wearing high heels. Nothing was better though, than if the woman was wearing some type of hosiery.

I didn’t really know the difference between stockings, thigh highs, or pantyhose, 100% vintage nylons or the stretchy department store varieties.  I just knew that the women around me looked better when she was wearing hosiery.

What kinds of stockings do YOU like to see?  Check out my tumblr for lots of options and …. ahem …. let’s see what happens!

Ms Olivia