Why put a man in panties?

I’m a Femdom. One obvious way to exert my power and control is to put a man in panties. 

Making a man wear women’s lingerie is a tangible way to make sure of several things. First, that he knows his Mistress is in charge, especially when he’s told to go buy panties I want him to wear!  Second, that I am always on his mind.  Finally, it’s SEXY and I’m always a fan of sexy!

Let me be clear about something – if you’re trans, I consider you female so of COURSE you’re wearing panties!

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One of our favorite episodes is the “Mistress puts a man in panties” episode where we talk about all the panty loving men in their lives.

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Check out why men wear panties

Some reasons for wearing knickers might surprise you. It’s important to remember that erotic pleasure or kink is all about the individual nuances. 

If you like to wear panties and you don’t fit into some role that you ‘think’ you should – don’t worry.  Many men ask: “Am I weird if I like to wear women’s panties?”  Short answer, no. Longer answer, hell no.

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Great sound quality as would be expected from women who make a career on the phone.

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Some episodes are comedic gold and some are master classes in the world of BDSM, kink and fetishes of every kind. 

I always learn something new and am always left smiling. BRAVO. I have looked and looked and found nothing to rival this. Take it from Sam, subscribe to this podcast.

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