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If you are like most men I talk with on this phone sex line, you’ve probably wondered if you’re a pervert?  I know you have, so called, naughty thoughts and fantasies.  Do you ever wonder if your kinky fantasies are normal?

What is normal sex?

What do YOU think of as “normal” in terms of erotic pleasure?  In the BDSM world of Dominance and submission it is perfectly normal to combine a cock tease and denial session with spanking.  In My hot erotic audio about Power Exchange it is very clear that everything is done in a safe, sane and consensual manner for both parties.

So …. are you a pervert?

First, let’s look at the word pervert itself.  It came into use in the 1660’s during the Puritan moral movement.  The social mores were so strict that the celebration of Christmas was abolished in England because the holiday was thought to be fraught with sensual pleasure.  Sex of pretty much any kind was “wrong.”  And, sexual pleasure?  Tsk tsk.  *sigh*

Then 200 years later, along came the Victorian era with the emphasis on sexual restraint.  I sometimes wonder if Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had ‘something’ interesting on the down low.  LOL

So, that’s where the word pervert came from.  When you ask, “Mistress, do you think I’m a pervert?”  I always say, look at the context of the word.  What we consider vanilla sex today was perversion back then.

Now that you know that …. I’d like to hear from you.  Do you worry or think that you are a pervert?

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Ms Olivia