Do you have a favorite month of the year? I do. It’s Masturbation May! Okay, I’ll admit, I don’t need an excuse to masturbate or to give you stroking instructions, I just think that a month publicly dedicated to something we all do in private is hot. Plus, it’s spring and this is a great time of year to get all frisky. I know I am.

Femdom Guided Masturbation Month Calendar

Do you listen to the BDSM kink podcast I do with Ms Erika?  It’s called The Weekly Hot Spot. Yesterday’s episode is about a special calendar of cock stroking instructions. It’s actually 5 weeks worth of JOI because we like giving you a lil something extra to think about and do.

Check out the episode called: Can you handle our Cock Stroking Instructions for Masturbation Month? Ms Erika and I talk about some of our favorite guided masturbation instructions. If you’re a fan of the podcast, buying our JOI Calendar is also a great way to support us and show some love to your sexy and hard working hosts. Here’s the link to Femdom Guided Masturbation assignments.

Femdom Masturbatio Month


We know you already know what feels good when you stroke your cock. Now, we want you to try some new things to spice up your masturbation. There are a bunch of things we want you to do including:

Creative masturbation positions

Chances are you do the up down up down stroking. Right? Maybe you’ll add in a little twist but for most strokers, the hand position is the same all the time. Let’s switch it up and we’ll tell you exactly what we want you to do and how to do it. Ms Erika has a private page on her blog, Intelligent Phone Fantasy, that gives detailed instructions for different ways to stroke. We’ll tell you what hand position, speed and time to edge before you are allowed to cum.

Femdom lube recommendations for edging

We want you to try some new sensations with your lube. I have a private page on my blog that you access only through the link in the calendar. This has a quick primer on lube and some specific lube recommendations to use while you’re stroking with these JOI.

While you’re there, take a look at the links to weird lube flavors including a cum flavored lube and a bacon flavored lube. If anyone gets either of those, tell me what you think! I am so curious for lube reviews for these two kinds. They’ve got to be either pretty interesting or so weird that these are novelty lube items (or, actually it could be both!).

DIY masturbation ideas

Speaking of new sensations, try some of the ideas for DIY stroking aids. Remember, we always say, try it and if you don’t like it, don’t do it again but if you are willing to give it a try, you might find something you love and will continue to do.  These instructions are simple things you’ll find around the house so it’s discrete and easy to use.

Remote controlled sex toys

If you’ve listened to the podcast for any length of time, you know Ms Erika and I are big fans of Lovense remote controlled sex toys. If you already have one of the toys, connect with me. I’m Experienced Mistress on the app and I’d love to control your toy (and you!).

Instructions from this Experienced Mistress

Here are your instructions. Head over to the First Class Erotica Store. This is a new site that has all sorts of fun in one place. You’ll find, phone sex assignments. pre-produced erotic audios, instructions for getting custom audios and a handy link to our free adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire.

Here’s the link to our Month of Femdom Guided Masturbation Calendar. Oh and it’s a special price for now, only $69 because hey, who doesn’t love a lil 69? (You knew I had to make that joke, didn’t you?)

Get in touch! Let’s celebrate Masturbation Month together!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia