Mistress Olivia phone sex 1-800-601-6975How much do you know about your Mistress? How much do you know about the various ladies here at LDW?  We have a really exciting event coming up on December 14th.  It’s our first ever Mistress Trivia Night in our adult chat room community kink.

Before I tell you more about that, let me do a quick plug for some free audio porn, BDSM education, and topics dear to our hearts.BDSM kink podcast The Weekly Hot Spot chastity Locktober

What do I mean? I’m talking about the BDSM Kink podcast that I do with Ms Erika and if you’re already a fan, then you know many behind-the-scenes stories.  If you haven’t listened to The Weekly Hot Spot podcast, you should check it out.

Mistress trivia night in our adult chat room

Speaking of knowing things about your Mistress, I hope you read all our blogs. This month, you can have fun, learn things, and even win prizes! Mark your calendar for Thursday, December 14th, for the first Mistress trivia night.

Here’s how to win prizes and all kinds of goodies. Take a look on the right side of the blog. Scroll down towards the bottom. See where it says Mistress Blogs?  Click on each woman’s name, and you’ll go to her blog. Then, read the blog post(s) from November and look for an insight that she shares about herself. Write down those notes and have them handy when you come to Mistress Trivia Night in our adult kink chat room.

Remember, go to the blogs posted in November. Even if you don’t have time to look through all the blogs show up anyway because, hey, it’s a party!  And, you know an adult chat room full of sexy ladies will be a great time. This is one of the many ways we say thank you, happy holidays, and here’s to all kinds of Mistress mischief.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia