As many of you know, I started doing phone sex calls in April of this year. I’ve always enjoyed the deliciousness of phone sex in My own private life and I thought, well, why not get paid for doing something I already enjoy doing? I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier. At any rate, since that time I am learning a LOT about YOU and a lot about ME …. both interesting areas of inquiry.

Your INTEREST and ATTENTION still startles Me just a smidge. I wrote about dangling on the edge of ecstasy and got a reply from a listener who says that my audios hold a ‘nugget of exploration’ for him that he has not ‘consciously given in to.’ Now, think about THAT ….. that kind of comment, and the very level of intimacy and connection not just to Me but himself with himself….WOAH.

He went on to say: “….you are very tender, yet at the same time strong and powerful, which I think makes me feel comfortable and vulnerable. …. You are a safe place to fall into and explore. …. your use of words is so curious and elegant.” Well, frankly, that IS Me, curious and elegant! ~giggle~

I want you, My dear callers, to know that I don’t take this ‘whatever you call it that we have’ for granted. I don’t take it lightly and I don’t take it casually …. but I WILL take it. I will take you apart and put you back together the way I want you …. why? …. because I can, because I will, because I do.

And, this knowing is MY PLEASURE.

If this is YOUR pleasure …. call 1-800-356-6169.