Mistress loves baseball

I’m so glad baseball season is here.  It’s Opening Day!  I have a pretty good fantasy baseball lineup — at least it’s good for now while people are healthy.

How do you like your ball handling?

I know there are some of you that follow the MLB as much I do. You know what it’s like — the beginning of the season and everything is new and shiny – players are healthy and happy.

The 2nd base rule for extra innings is still in effect (bitches) but you can’t have everything in life.  Sigh.

I don’t think I’m expert enough to coach a team or be the Commissioner of Baseball — could you imagine Mistress Commish?  No, that won’t work but I do think I might contribute to the good of the game.

I can befriend a young pitcher and then have him wear my garter belt under his uniform if he gets in a slump – those of you who are Bull Durham fans will understand that line.

Baseball is like tease and denial

Then —- maybe it takes a month or two but by August …. the anticipation turns into the ache which turns into pleading and then begging.

Well, you know — I’m a NY Mets fan — that means by August I’m curled in a ball, sobbing in the corner, throwing stuff at the TV and threatening to go to Flushing and kick some ass.  This is my life.

Enjoy Opening Day!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia