Such a cute little sissy!

I celebrate with you when you have a success.  Oh for some of you it might be eating your own cum for the first time. For others it might be edging and stroking for an extended period.  Any success it awesome.  Today, I’m so excited for a special lil sissy to go even further along with sissification and feminization.

Sissy must wear panties!

We got on the phone and I said, “What are you wearing these days?”  WELL!  Imagine my sheer and unadulterated dismay when I was told this:

“Just a few months ago, I had gone back to wearing young men & mens clothes and underwear (I’m small enough to get by in young men’s clothes sometimes).
I’m still not sure why I had done that, I think there was this little part of me that thought I could somehow pretend to be a man or manly. But it just didn’t feel really right and it probably never really looked right either.”

Sissy goes panty shopping

That first call I said, “Well! We’ve got to get you back into panties!”  Then, over a series of several calls one or two yucky guy underwear got tossed until finally I said, “Throw away all the men’s underwear!  You don’t need them. You’re going to be my sissy in panties and so much more!”
Remember, there are many ways to be a sissy and this is not a “one size fits all” type of thing. This delightful friend has such a cute way of being the best sissy ever! Check out what’s going on today and why we’re celebrating!
“Today, though, I’m back in panties and now even wearing a dress! I got my ears pierced this weekend, and have never felt like such a sissy, it’s just amazing to feel this way! My toenails and fingernails are painted pretty pink and as I write this note i’m looking at my lips in my desk mirror and they shine a little and I’ve put plumper on them this morning. I know THIS is how I’m supposed to be, a pretty little sissy ALL THE TIME, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!
PS All my male clothes are now in the trash, permanently!”

Reinforcement is the key to sissy training

I won’t tell ALL our secrets – but one that I will share is one that I think is really fun.  Suck on penis shaped candy!  I found a photo of cock pops but haven’t been able to find where to buy them.  For now, sissy gets a bag o dicks and has a cock to suck during the day!  This is what a little sissy is supposed to do for Mistress ~grins~

Question for you

What sissy training assignment has made the most difference in your sissification?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia