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I will be away and offline until Monday Sept 1.  Ask me about the kinky and very fun long weekend I’m having and I’ll *see* you when I return to have some amazing phone sex conversations with you!

While I’m gone, I wanted to leave you with some free sexy audio options and this sweet/funny/sexy email!

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Hi, Mistress 🙂

I have had quite an “interesting experience” that I think you might enjoy.

I recently had to take a long train journey, as I was visiting family from out of town. As you know I like to practice edging and denial, so I found myself getting really horny about halfway through the journey.

I decided to browse through the polls @ EnchantrixEmpire.Com, thinking that no harm could come from a little reading.

As I was browsing, I came across one of yours, which asked about our preferred masturbation position.

When I read that one of the options you posted was “running around the house jerking off like a monkey on red bull” (or something similar to that)

I burst our laughing (really loudly) which of course drew attention from the other passengers. As I looked around, I seen a sea of eyes staring at me with rather puzzled expressions. I smiled politely and decided to move to another seat.

As I stood up, I noticed a few giggles. As I looked down, I realised I was rock hard in my pants for all to see! I turned bright red and raced to find another seat.

As I sat down, I knew I had to share this with you!

~laughs~  This is absolutely the BEST email.  It made me laugh!

Ms Olivia