When I’m away from the phones for any amount of time …. more than just a day or so …. I wonder about you.

I wonder how you are and what you’re doing. Of course, some of you I know WHAT you’re doing < *grinz* > … and I’m amazed to find out that you’re even able to experience your full pleasure without My guided masturbation phone sex session.  I’m really quite astonished at how many men just simply get in a masturbation rut …. sigh …. just like a sex rut …. which I’ll admit happens to Me as well….. it’s a kind of laziness, eh? … the sentiment of ‘ain’t broke so why fix it’ …. which is, perhaps, okay when applied to some things, but when applied to the erotic arena …. well, it’s great to be able to cum in just a couple of minutes …. say, in anticipation of one last Orgasm right at the beginning of Armageddon when I would imagine, time would be of the essence.

But in the normal run of sensual pleasures …. it does help to slow down ….. or have the lusciousness of the DANCE of the erotic …. perhaps with some sensual roleplay which really works well with phone sex.  A bit of the tease and denial ….. when I tease you …. and I deny you and I basically do whatever I want.  Now that is a fine gig if you can find it!

I really should ask the folks in the Chat Room what they think ….. hard and fast …. or slow and sensual …. or maybe a bit of both, eh?  Tell Me what you think.

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