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Your sexual fantasies are deeply intimate.  It takes trust to bring another person in and tell that person what turns you on.  You open yourself up in so many ways.  Yes, it’s scary!  I know that so I want to talk with you about trust.

trust and phone sex

There are two key areas of trust when you’re considering calling for an erotic conversation.  One question you should ask yourself is:  How will the phone sex company handle private billing information?  The other main issue is:  Can I trust the person I talk with to really understand me?  I’m going to start with the non-sexy part.

Your private billing information

We take your privacy very seriously!  I do NOT get your private billing information.  I don’t even know your full name, I don’t have access to your location or your credit card information.  Anything you would like to tell Me (with the exception of your credit card information) I will hear and hold it in the strictest confidence.

Here’s what the owner, Ms Ally, promises:

Our billing procedures and data handling processes are PCI Compliant. What this means for you, is: we have designed our processes to comply with the Payment Card Industry’s stringent standards for secure credit card processing, which are designed to minimize theft and instances of security compromise. We have benefitted from extensive consultations with security professionals to make our processes as secure as they can possibly be.

In addition, in 2005, we assumed the expense of changing our call distribution system to limit, as much as possible, the number of individuals within the company who have access to your billing information. Even as owner of the company, I cannot see your full billing information once it’s entered into our system – all information is encrypted and unviewable by anyone, from the dispatchers to me, the Company Owner.

Will She understand My fantasy?

We know you want the perfect Mistress for you.  We offer you our Live Help Desk where you can go for any questions you have.  My schedule has Me working closely with Ms Molly, who describes herself as the CIA of LDW.  In this instance, CIA means Cock Information Analyst or, if you’re a crossdresser then it’s Clitty Information Analyst!

The next post will be details about how the Live Help Desk and I work with you to make sure your experience is AMAZING!  More on that in the next posts and by the way, have you noticed?  I’m now posting blogs on a regular schedule — Look for new posts every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Ms Olivia

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