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I hear from a lot of people who want me to tell them how to get their girlfriend or spouse to be more like a Mistress.  This will be a series of posts on this topic because there are so many things to talk about.

Real life and phone sex

So, let’s first time about what is real life? We both know that phone sex is perfect for fantasy exploration.

Does that make the emotions, sensations and intensity you feel any LESS real because it’s phone sex and not face to face? Personally, I find I really get to know certain people and, yes, I do thoroughly enjoy myself on our phone sex calls.

Yes! I even cum ~grinz~ I get off on doing this – the aural pleasure, the female domination, the vanilla whispering during our mutual masturbation.

Real life partner as Mistress

There’s no quick answer to that question so I’m going to leave a broad, generalized, answer and ask for your comments. There is a difference between a Mistress and a bitch.

I think it’s true that many women (in general) want to be submissive to a man OR they want to control him with bitchiness. A female submissive is obviously not a Mistress and if your partner has submissive sexual tendencies then it’s like turning the Queen Mary in a bathtub – tight fit, not going to work.

If she is a bitch then she MIGHT have Femdom tendencies. She might not know enough about the dynamics of power exchange to create the Dominant / submissive sensations that you are looking for and be the Mistress she could be.

Have you tried to get your partner to dominate you or share your sexual kink?

Tell your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia