Stroking stories

You know the feeling – you’re so horny you think your balls are going to explode.  A long edging session or intentional tease and denial stroking is one thing — but this time, you NEED to cum. Maybe it’s a regular stroking session that gets interrupted or maybe it’s an emergency jackoff.  No matter the reason, there you are caught in the act!

Caught jacking off

I was on a phone call recently and he’s stroking his cock while telling me all the naughty things he did over the weekend.  FUCK he really did have a busy weekend!  He’s at work and he NEEDS an orgasm.  His balls are so full they ache! And then —– noooooooo —-

Handjob interrupted

Poor guy, he didn’t get to cum because work interrupts his cock play.  I call this unintentional tease and denial! I got on twitter ( @MistressOlivia1 ) right after he hung up.

Here’s the twitter convo:

@MistressOlivia1: Tell me some times when you’ve been #masturbating and have gotten interrupted.  What happened?

Stories of manibus interuptus — points if you get the funny.

I love oops sex

I get to take a peek inside YOUR life and I love that.  Here are a couple responses:

Twitter friend:  “Just once by a hotel maid who came in to clean the room. and she turned around and left.”

@MistressOlivia1:  OMG hahahhahahaha YIKES! So —- did you …. ahem …. RESUME your #stroking after you calmed down? Or was the “moment” gone?

Twitter friend:  “Sadly the moment was gone.”

A hardon is a terrible thing to waste but thank you for the giggles!

Your Experienced Mistress,