Hot load of cum

Listen to me read you this cum eating blog post.

There’s nothing like a hot load of cum!  Since I post Experienced Mistress blogs in the early morning, I want you to gobble down your cum load for breakfast! ~laughs~ And, if you’re into cum eating, that protein will really get your day started nice … and naughty.  Ready?

Drink up that cum load

How are you going to eat cum for me?  One fun way is a shot glass … so get your glass and then start stroking and edging.  I want your balls so full that when they are ready to burst you will shoot loads of cum into the shot glass!

Orgasm edging and CEI

I want you to get to the edge of your orgasm again and again BUT do not cum!  I want your balls to ACHE for release!  That’s when those balls really fill up with cum.  If you need some orgasm edging instructions and a countdown to orgasm you can cruise around my blog, listen to my sexy free audios or look at the sexy photos on my Phone Sex Mistress Olivia tumblr page …. or you can choose your own … inspiration.  The point is I want your balls FULL of cum!

Of course, you can always call me and then I get to experience that slurping, licking and delightfully naughty cum eating with you!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia