Join us for a celebration of the life of Ms. Vivian

Where:  Community Kink Chat Room

When:  8 pm eastern time, tonight, Tuesday, Feb. 13th.

Thank you to Miss Constance for organizing the Memorial for our favorite MILF Mistress, Ms. Vivian.

As you will see in the blog post, Ms. Viv was more than just a naughty, kinky friend.  Miss Constance shares a bit about what made Vivian a very special part of our kinky community.

My audio about my first face to face with Viv at a Mistress meeting will be played during the show.  There will be other audios from other Mistresses.

All I can say is, Viv is always with us — in our hearts, your naughty fucking wanking willies (laughs, she would appreciate that) and each time you do a full belly laugh till you have to pee — yep, that’s when you’re channeling Ms. Viv.