May is National Masturbation Month.

Cum celebrate the fine art of masturbation …. in it’s many and varied forms …. with a month long exploration of the many ways the Mistresses of Vox Erotic can ‘assist’ you.

If you’re looking for cease and desist orders …. otherwise known as orgasm denial …. then, stop right now, take your hand OFF that bulge in your pants …. DO IT NOW …. and get trained in edging closer and closer and closer and …. STOP. It’s ALL about Control, baby … mine and yours … and who better to control you than a beautiful femdom Mistress?

You may be the one who (literally) takes matters into your own hands ….. but I OWN the cocks of my dear, precious callers …. and when they please me….I *might* be persuaded to let them do as they please …. maybe, and then again, maybe not.

You’ll have to call to find out …. 1-800-356-6169 and ask for me ….

Mistress Olivia

celebrating National Masturbation Month…..where every day is a Party!