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I know you are probably distracted by the sexy photo.  But, if you stop your cock stroking for just a minute, you might actually get to see MORE!

I’m starting a new series of blog posts that will challenge your mind.  The brain in your BIG head ~smiles~ not the small head!

For these challenge questions blog posts you will need to post your answers here in the blog comments.  The FIRST PERSON to answer the challenge correctly will get to reach inside Ms Olivia’s Cookie Jar.  I’ll keep the question *open* for one week.  You’ll get a new challenge and a new chance to reach into My Cookie Jar every week.  This won’t be the only way to get treats from My Cookie Jar.  You’ll be hearing more about this in the coming weeks, but for now, this is the beginning.

This challenge blog post has a total of SIX ANSWERS.  I reference SIX things that are part of American history and/or pop culture.  I want you to post each answer individually in the comments section.  That way it will take a little longer to play!   Do NOT post them all at once.  If you are stumped you can post a question asking for a hint!

There’s also audio version of this blog post so you might hear something and get a clue that way.  Be sure to read AND listen to the audio.  I will give you one other hint.  There is one pop culture reference that is really extra challenging but if you go to My Wish List and look in the purchased section you will get a major hint and then you should be able to figure it out.

If you guess and then post all six correct answers individually in the comments section, then you can reach into the password protected PHOTOS section and get your hands on a sexy photo that is more revealing then I ever post.  You can choose the category of photo that you want to see and I’ll put it in the password protected site for special erotic photos.

Here’s Olivia’s Cookie Jar Poetry CHALLENGE — The Penis

Penis — Anatomically, that is the term.

But I like word play where I get the sperm… the load….


if you know me at all, you know I like to goad


Just a little … sometimes a lot.

Getting a rise out of that naughty cock.


What’s in a name?

Plenty if it’s DICK.

Especially if you’re tricky, dicky …


Getting a really good Johnson is the best

When you’ve got a good outboard you can go very far.



Crazy and

Baby you CAN drive my car!


But, not if you’re a prick!  That just won’t do.  Still.

“Go ahead, make my day.”

Even if you’re small, we still might play

Ms Constance says you’ll be the cuckold to the size queen.

What you can do for me remains to be seen.

Are you up the for challenge?

Or is your pee pee, just a lil weeeee weeeee…….

When you’re hanging meat doesn’t even dangle…..

Then you’d better find a new angle

With the Ladies

‘Cause we want more


The revolution will not be televised but thanks to the internet

The joy stick on the video game isn’t all you can get

You can BE top gun

The only one

Or three or four

So, open your mind….

And then you can score.


How did you do?  Could you find ALL FIVE clues?  The lovely ladies on the phone sex Help Desk can help your cock but they can’t help you with these answers!  ~laughs~  Post your comments and let the games begin!

Ms Olivia