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What’s the deal about chastity?

((Note from Ms Olivia — Ms Constance is a dear friend of mine as a Mistress, a treasured playmate at LDW Group and a friend-friend in our private lives. She has graciously written a two part guest blog about chastity! Chastity can be a thrilling experience. I love how Ms Constance is straight up about the joy and challenges of being cock locked for this amazing chastity Mistress. Ms Constance really is the Intelligent Femdom. Enjoy!)

Ms Constance on chastity challenges

Everyone knows how much I love chastity and enjoy the thrill of locking up a cock and denying for however long I see fit…..but not everyone can handle chastity and that is okay!

You may not like chastity if

You are someone who only finds pleasure in cumming, meaning that if you are the type of guys who’s only pleasurable moments come from shooting your load than chastity may not be the way to go for you. It may leave you feeling empty and miserable from not enjoying the one thing that brings you pleasure.

Chastity is not for you if

You are sensitive, meaning if everything your Mistress does or says effects you even when it does not involve you than you may not want to be locked up for her. Those sensitive feelings are only magnified when you are cock locked and denied orgasms; I for one want it to be fun and sexy not depressing and sad.

But if chastity IS for you

Chastity makes men more submissive so if you want to submit to and feel owned by a Chastity Mistress then I can be ….

Your Intelligent Femdom,

Ms Constance