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Chastity Mistress

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I had a caller recently who asked about my Domination style as a Chastity Mistress.  That’s not a simple question to answer because it’s about the power exchange energy between two people:  The Femdom and the submissive.  In general, I have a playmate specific and fluid Mistress style.  I like to keep my options open as to whether I am a sensual Mistress, strict Mistress, mean Mistress, and more.  I like to mix things up!  I’m the same way in my domination style as a Chastity Mistress.  I think there’s a case to be made that chastity is the ultimate in submission and certainly makes her the Woman in Charge.

Caller comment about being a chastity slave

Like every fetish fantasy or kinky play, there are degrees of play.  Chastity is no exception.  On the very light end, it’s a bit of extended tease and denial.  On the other end of the spectrum, the submissive becomes a chastity slave to Mistress.  What is that like?  Here’s a comment from one chastity slave.

“To me it is the ultimate symbol of the superior female’s ownership of her male slave, her ultimate triumph and his ultimate surrender to her. Even just orgasm denial can develop the dynamic to new levels. When the slave is continually aroused, sometimes to the point of near climax, again and again over days, weeks, who knows how long, his sense of total submission towards his Goddess will grow and he will find himself almost effortlessly becoming a better slave as the sexual energy of his Goddess’ power illuminates him. The building and ebbing of the chi energy is essential the same as “mainstream” tantra practices, and I actually think in the ancient practices of tantra, a devotee practicing chastity under the guidance of a Priestess imbued with the divine energy of the Goddess probably goes back a pretty long way. Actual orgasm when it comes, while quite amazing, is something the slave will almost want to prolong himself at times.”

“It can be a test, though, for the male chastity slave to avoid becoming self-centered and annoying to his Goddess. Obviously over the course of days or weeks, or whatever, as life goes along she will sometimes completely forget that the slave is in chastity for her. The slave must remember his place and feed off the feeling of ultimate submission that his orgasm and genitals really are much less important than his continued service to his Goddess.”

Service to his Goddess

I love it when you are ‘of service.” ~grinz~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia