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One of my favorite people is Ms Molly on our Live Help Desk.  We talk about lots of things, and I thought I’d give you a peek into one of our recent IM conversations.

IM with Live Help and Ms Molly

Ms Molly knows that I love chastity so she sent me the following IM to ask about a guy who popped into the Live Help Desk with an interesting question about the Experienced Mistress.

Live Help Ms Molly: This man that I recommended you to asked me a question.  He asked if any of us have ever denied ourselves and if so for how long and was it hard. LOL! I told him women are wired a bit differently, but you’d be glad to discuss this with him if he contacts you for his chastity training

Ms Olivia: I DO get that question sometimes. Not a lot, but I do get it. ~laughs~

Live Help Ms Molly: Hmmmmm….I never really thought of that! I love sex and it doesn’t control my life in a negative way so why would I want to deny myself an orgasm?

Ms Olivia: Yes! When I get the question, I’m like….~grinz~ why would I want to do THAT? But, you know, for him it’s a sexual fetish erotic kink. I think that would be the same with a woman who is into denial … you know, a submissive woman.

Live Help Ms Molly: Oh sure, a submissive woman.

Ms Olivia: And we are not submissive! ~laughs~

Live Help Ms Molly: No we’re not!

Ms Olivia: I’ve found that denial for a man can often be hugely productive. I mean if the guy is a huge wanker, jerk off dude, chronic masturbator then being locked in chastity can be a great way for him to …. Ahem …. Refocus on what is really important and more important than that quick orgasm.

Live Help Ms Molly: It could be productive in other ways … physical ways …. I was thinking of …. Bigger ….. nevermind!

Ms Olivia: OMG, bigger BALLS! Balls filled to over full with cum and then that sweet yearning to release that huge load of cum.

Live Help Ms Molly: YES! I was thinking of those nice, big cum loads!

What exactly happened with that guy?  Want to find out?  ~grinz~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia