This good sissy follows orders from Mistress

Listen to me read you this sissy assignment report.

I love sending you to a glory hole in our fantasy call — like I did in this cock sucking assignment.  Some of you are sucking cock in real life so I urge you to practice safer sex and cocksucking safety.  That said, ANYTHING is possible in our erotic roleplay scenes — that’s one of my favorite things about phone sex!

Here is the sissy report:

Mistress Olivia,
i went to the bookstore glory hole and i did Your cock sucking assignment.When i got into the booth and knelt down and put my mouth to the hole and stuck out my tongue and waited. In about 15-20 minutes a cock was pushing against my mouth my little clitty and sissy nipples got so hard right away.

Mistress makes the difference

There are many ways for someone to be a sub to a Femdom Mistress.  Being submissive is all about power exchange.  In this case, this cock gobbler loves knowing that the cock sucking assignment comes from a “Beautiful Dominant Mistress” — don’t you love that too?!

Would you do this for your Mistress?

Here are the details of that man meat:

“When he pushed it thru if was about 8-9 inches and fat.i kissed and licked and sucked it into my mouth and told him that i needed to suck his big cock and i beg him to shoot all his big cum load down my throat,and because i was told by a Mistress to make sure i swallow it all,because i can never waste any cum,not even a drop. He said suck it hard slut,i think that what i heard. i did suck it very hard kissing and licking and swallowing all his pre cum until he started to shoot ropes of cum into my mouth.”

Oh now that’s quite a report!  I can’t wait to hear more!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia