Coerced and loving it

Listen to me read you this blog post.

You know to want to do it!  You know you NEED to do it!  And, part of your erotic thrill is when Mistress MAKES you do it …. whatever IT is for you.

This kinky scene is fundamentally about power exchange.  You don’t have the power; Mistress has control.  There are all sorts of mind fuck games that give Mistress power over you.  You are coerced into doing what I say … and it’s thrilling for you to ‘let go’ and have someone else be in charge.

You will obey Mistress

Each person is different.  Each erotic fantasy is different.  You will never find a cookie cutter sexual fantasy here.  I play in the fetish world in “real” life … I do think our phone sex IS real life so what I mean by this is I play in the face to face fetish scene — going to munches, play parties, and fetish conventions.  Your phone sex fantasy is always based in my face to face erotic encounters.

Coerced feminization and sissification

There is something so hot about being teased, tricked and turned into a sissy for Mistress.  Feminization is perfect for any coerced fantasy.  Coercion can be with or without erotic humiliation.  There are so many ways to go here!

Woman in charge

A strong, powerful, sexy woman can can enhance all sorts of fetish and erotic scenes.  Add to that my agile and wicked mind … well, fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!  ~laughs~

You yearn for a woman in charge, one who will make you do things … you need a woman to “make” you take that next step.  Ultimately, of course, our play is consensual, but the fantasy is being made to do something and struggling against doing it — and then of course, the ultimate submission.  The STRUGGLE is part of the erotic fun.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia