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I love getting your comments to My blog posts.  In fact, when you send comments (or post here) it inspires Me to write more simply because it becomes a conversation.  It’s not just one-sided musings.  So, this post is inspired by magnus who comments on yesterday’s post about the gradations of human sexual preference.

Gender Preference

The Kinsey Institute (research in sex, gender and reproduction) has a scale to quantify where you are on the line between exclusively heterosexual and exclusively homosexual.  Refreshing My knowledge of the various Kinsey reports they point out that where a person falls on the scale can change over time.  That has been My experience as well in my un-scientific research via phone sex calls.

Fetish Preference

There are also LOTS of gradations in fetish and kink preferences.  These can, and often do, change over time as well.  Preferences in the acts themselves and in the desires … for example, magnus mentioned he loves foot worship.  Take something as seemingly straight forward as a foot fetish.  The arousal can be triggered by the feet themselves, the submissive aspect of body worship of a Superior Woman to all sorts of Dominant/submissive erotic games.  There can be elements of cock control with tease and denial while flashing glimpses of coveted panties.  Or even covert (or overt) bi-sexuality involved in sucking (spike heels, toes, the whole foot).  The foot itself becomes a veritable sexual playground!

Explore with fantasy phone sex

One way to explore your fantasies and desires is through phone sex and/or sexy texting with a creative person who understands and is also kinky!  That’s a no-brainer.  Did you also know that we have a whole social networking site for like-minded kinky people?  It’s called Enchantrix Empire.  Check it out and, once again, let Me know your thoughts … you’ll inspire more posts.  LOL


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