Okay folks, I have a confession.

I haven’t blogged for AGES and I’m embarrassed about that.  I mean, I LIKE writing, telling stories and blogging.

Still, with each passing day I feel like gaaaaaaa, I need to post something AMAZING. I’m over here trying to write War and Pieces of Ass and it’s got me all faklempt.

I need to break the logjam of this weird form of writer’s block. So — I’m posting this confession blog post to get over the “whatever this is.”

Actually, now that I think of it War and Pieces of Ass could be a really great book title or the title of a parody porn of a famous movie.

Okay, enough!  Posting this and the next blog will be fucking AMAZING – or at least more in line with stuff I usually post.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia