Interview with a man who is dedicated to eating cum

Listen to me read you this cum eating blog post.

I love talking to YOU about how, why and where you began your naughty and/or kinky journey and cum eaters are no exception.
There are so many options for those of you excited about cum eating. Now, cum eating might be a fantasy only and it might end up being something so much more.  For someone serious about trying to eat cum, I have success with first time cum eaters.

Why are you interested in tasting your cum?

I asked a guy who is now dedicated to lapping up creamy hot cum loads.  Initially, it was all about exploring his sex secrets and learning to enjoy the naughty side of sex.  Here’s what he says,
How I got interested… is taboo, for a straight guy to have cum anywhere near his mouth.

Tasting cum is better when it’s for a woman

He continues to tell me why it’s important to him that a woman makes him eat his own cum.