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I loved doing the Cookie Jar Challenge last Monday.  I do need to *tweak* it just a bit to make it more fair to the various time zones, locales and jobs of the fans here on My blog.  So….THANK YOU to everyone who wrote with suggestions about how to make this even better!  Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.  Again, this is a work in progress so send your ideas and suggestions — post to today’s blog for a chance to Reach into Olivia’s Cookie Jar or if you’re very shy, you can send Me an email:  olivia AT

I’ll post the topic or question for Olivia’s Cookie Jar Challenge every Monday.

What I want from you is LOTS of interaction here on My blog. There will be multiple layers to the rules.  Read the rules carefully and feel free to ask questions!  Each question more than 25 words will be HALF of a raffle ticket.

Double your effort, double your chances

  • If you post a comment on Monday or Tuesday, you will get DOUBLE the listed credit.
  • If you post a comment on Wednesday or Thursday you will get the regular listed credit that follows.
  • If you post a comment on Friday before 6 pm (eastern, US time) your comments will get credit – but only half the listed credit.

In this way, you will be able to figure out when and how you want to play this game.  Everyone can play and how smart you play will give you more tickets.  I’ll put all your points onto tickets and do a drawing for the prize.

Here are the Cookie Jar Rules:

  • For the FIRST comment more than 25 words, you’ll will automatically get 1 entry into the Jar for the final drawing.
  • After that first comment of 25 words – you will get one entry for every comment over 100 words.  There’s no limit to how many comments you can post that are 100 words or more (but they will have to be on the topic — or something fetish related.  Your writing must be original, do not do any cut and paste from elsewhere even if you wrote it.)
  • You will get TWO entry points for cock stroking assignments that you have heard of or done that you like.  These posts must be a minimum of 150 words.

The contest will stay open FIVE DAYS until FRIDAY June 22nd and will close at 6pm eastern (US) time.

The winner will be announced the following Monday, along with the new Cookie Jar Challenge.

THIS time you’ll be competing for your CHOICE of what’s inside Olivia’s Cookie Jar.   Sooooooooo………may the odds be ever in your favor.

Here’s this week’s Olivia’s Cookie Jar Challenge topic:
  • Are you a cock stroker?  Of course you are and I’d like to hear ALL about it.
  • Tell Me about your masturbation habits.  I want to know if you have ever had a Mistress as your masturbation manager.
  • How often do you masturbate?  Do you use lube?  What kind of lube?
  • Do you like porn?  What kind of porn?
  • What are you favorite stroking scenes, assignments, challenges, etc.

There’s a great poll on our adult social networking site, Enchantrix Empire,  about masturbation materials.  The poll is by Loyal Cute and exactly the kind of thing I’m curious about!  So, take a look at the poll and the comments, they’re interesting! 🙂  Then, post your comments here!   I’ll, of course, reply to your comments …. ~smiles~ … AND, I’ll keep you posted on how many chances you have in the Olivia’s Cookie Jar raffle.  Remember it IS a raffle but you can choose to put the number of raffle tickets you want in the Jar.  *wink *

You can ask the lovely Ladies on the Live Help Desk when you need someone to but they won’t do your writing for you!  ~laughs~  So….wash your hands and start right now…..tsk tsk…TYPING stroker!  *wink*

Good Luck!

Ms Olivia

ps, I’m posting EARLY this week so you get a ‘heads up’ …. in the following weeks, I’ll post Monday morning (eastern time).  Have FUN and I’m so excited to see what you have to write!