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This Experienced Mistress loves jewelry and every crossdresser needs jewelry! I know many crossdressers love to accessorize and I want to hear from you. Jewelry can be perfect for your sissy humiliation.  There are so many choices of what to wear, where to wear it, and what your jewelry says about you.

Masturbation May

Personally, I’d like to get a charm that says Masturbation May or Masturbation Month.  I’d have it on my charm bracelet right next to my handcuffs bangle!  I like jewelry!

This got me thinking about my girly girls wearing some jewelry to advertise your status while en femme.

Anklets for cuckold crossdressers

I think you need to have an anklet or a bracelet that says what you really are. Imagine your hand wrapped around a cock. Each time you stroke that cock while en femme, you see a bracelet on your arm that says, fluffer or cuckold or maybe even sissy cocksucker.

Dressed for success at a swingers party

When I take you to a swingers party, that bracelet will advertise your status and tell others exactly who and what you are to your Mistress. So, let’s choose the jewelry together.

What will your jewelry say about you?

Maybe YOU should get a charm that says Masturbation May simply because it really IS the best holiday season for us both!  ~laughs~ And we’ve got a whole MONTH to celebrate this sensual yumminess!

Hmmmmmm? I’d love to hear your ideas and even show you some shopping sites to get you started.

~lipstick kisses~
Ms Olivia