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What size breast form should you get?

Some of these answers will depend on how you identify your gender and what you want to do while dressed.  If you’d like to look passable as a crossdresser it’s best to get a breast size that is appropriate to your frame.  I know that how YOU identify your gender as a crossdresser is very important for what you want to wear!

I worked in a lingerie salon so I can help you get your ideal size, shape and style.  If you’re doing this on your own, experiment with inexpensive bras of different cup sizes, stuff the cups with socks and then look to see what your eyes tell you is best.

Big boobs for a sissy slut!

There’s something so much fun about turning a male into a sissy slut with big boobs!  ~grinz~  And you know that Mistress does thoroughly enjoy your erotic humiliation — you like the sissy humiliation don’t you? — as you go bouncing along in those sexy stilettos, wearing your very slutty outfit!  ~grinz~

I always say, go inexpensive at first to make sure that you’re getting the items that are right for you.  Once you get the proper size THEN upgrade to getting at least one really lovely bra!

When you want personalized crossdressing shopping and advice, I’m only a phone call away.  If we keep missing one another on the phone, you can always get a session package of emails and you’ll get My individualized attention tailored to your needs.

I will, of course, answer questions in a more general way here on blog comments, so feel free to ask questions here!

Do you have a bra?  What do you use to fill your bra?  If you have breast forms, what is your experience?  Tell Mistress everything!  ~smiles~

~lipstick kisses~

Ms Olivia