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It’s all about the crossdresser boobs!

Breasts are distinctly feminine!  Every crossdresser I know wants to wear a bra.  This brings up the issue of filling the bra cup!  Like most things with your dressing, what you do will depend on what you want to feel.

Erotic Humiliation and Tits

For those of you that enjoy erotic sissy humiliation when Mistress puts you into the clothing you will wear for Mistress.  I might choose to make you wear bouncing boobies!  ~laughs~  There’s something about a sissy with exaggerated tits that is just so perfect!  You might not need realistic breast forms for this.  Part of your sissy humiliation assignment might be to stuff a lacy bra!

Look and Feel of Real Breasts for Crossdressers

There are many types of breast forms.  Some might be molded padding that you can slip into your bra.  Others, can have the look and feel of real breasts.  Some breast forms, especially the ones that have nipples and adhere to your chest, can be expensive.  It’s important to have information before any crossdresser goes bra shopping.  So, before you spend a lot of money on breast forms of various sizes, I want to give you some suggestions.

What size breasts do you want?  Let’s talk about the perfect breast forms for you.  Oh and if you’re not a crossdresser and you like the look of MY breasts ~grinz~ then you might want to call and we’ll talk about what you’re going to get to do ….. I have some very naughty thoughts about that!  Want to hear more?  Of course you do!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia