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Are you a crossdresser?  Or, have you always known that you have a femme side but you didn’t know where or how to start dressing like the feminine girly girl you are inside?  If this is you, read on!  Or, maybe you’re experienced with your crossdressing but want some more tips from the Experienced Mistress, then you’ll find a couple of suggestions here.  I always like to ask you when did you start crossdressing?

What kind of crossdresser are you?

Mistress has written about the difference between a crossdresser, sissy and transgendered female.  And, there IS a difference.  These categories aren’t absolute (you know I don’t like boxes for people!)  That said, men who like to wear women’s lingerie and clothes are crossdressing.  By and large, these men are heterosexual but may be bi-curious when dressed in femme.  A sissy will also wear panties but might be more ‘extreme’ in the presentation.  For example the sissy slut or the sissy sex toy comes to My mind.  A trans girl is someone who actually IS female but got saddled with some (seemingly) male parts.  Like most things involving human beings, it’s complex and way more nuanced than I’ve made it out to be here.

New to crossdressing:  where do you start?

There are lots of crossdressers, sissies and Tgirls on our adult social network, Enchantrix Empire.  So, if you haven’t joined EE, then you should!  ~smiles~  This particular post was inspired by a blog comment by a caller who says:

“Loved ur blog on the sex toys, wouldve called u this morning, but going to NFL game. I have a 6.5 inch pink vibrating dildo. I really love ur pics also.  I started “dressing up” recently love the outfit in ur pics.”

Start by wearing panties!

It’s easy to get your femme on by wearing panties!  You can buy them online or go to a store.  Don’t be shy about shopping for panties in person, it happens all the time.  (Just be respectful of the sales lady, remember she’s not a sex worker!)  Get some panties and start wearing them while you’re aroused or wear panties all day.  You will immediately notice that your whole attitude changes when you slip on the silky, lacy panties.  Then, ask yourself, are you ready to take the next step?

Help with dressing the femme inside you!

Each person is different.  When you’re ready to explore how to be the most femme you can be, then you’re ready to begin your crossdresser’s journey with Me!  Post your questions in the blog comments, email or just pick up the phone.  We’ll go shopping together.  I’ll give you makeup and hair style tips.  There are LOTS of things to do.  What would you like to learn!

Ms Olivia