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Naughty sissy phone sex

I think all you naughty sissies know who you are!  ~laughs~  Since I love talking with a sissy, you know what my wickedness has you doing!  After all, this Experienced Mistress knows exactly what to do with a sissy.  Are YOU a sissy?

Crossdresser, t-girl or femme

Other phone sex callers ARE female …. no matter what some of your physical sexual parts suggest.  For you, we have a lovely time and, trust me when I tell you that I know the difference between someone who had a female gender identification and someone who is crossdressing for a fetish.  For some of you, wearing women’s clothing IS the expression of who you really are.  I get it, I really do.

Man in panties

What’s the difference between a crossdresser and a panty boy?  The panty boy is all about submission to Mistress  This is a wonderful way to show your submission to Mistress for some delightfully wicked BDsm play.  You might (or might not) be experiencing a feminine persona.  Either way, those silky panties on your cock feel great, don’t they — and you are put in your place — on your knees before your Mistress.  There’s one panty boy who calls who has so many panties, it’s sometimes hard to choose which ones to wear!  ~grinz~

types of crossdressers

No matter what type of crossdresser you are, we both know there are more than two genders, don’t we?  I want to leave you with this wonderful story about a haven for those who are third gender.

How do YOU celebrate and honor the feminine in you?

Ms Olivia